Northwest Cancer Centers Foundation:

Writing a New Story of Hope in our Community

March 8, 2024

Dyer, IN – In Northwest Indiana, where stories of resilience and community are plentiful, there’s a new chapter of hope being written for those facing the daunting journey of cancer treatment. Founded in 2023, the Northwest Cancer Centers Foundation serves as a lifeline for patients and families navigating the challenges of cancer care.

At the core of its mission lies a commitment to easing the burdens of those undergoing cancer treatment. Recognizing the many challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis, the foundation offers vital financial assistance to patients in need. From covering the costs of transportation to and from treatments, to ensuring access to medications not covered by insurance, groceries, and utilities, the foundation's assistance is designed to provide relief in moments of uncertainty and hardship.

The Foundation's dedication to holistic support is evident in its collaboration with Northwest Cancer Centers, the premier oncology practice in Northwest Indiana. With a shared commitment to excellence in cancer care, the Foundation seeks to complement the services provided by Northwest Cancer Center, offering a seamless continuum of support to patients and their families.

Sue Camerano, Community Liaison for Northwest Cancer Centers, underscores the relationship between the two organizations. "Northwest Cancer Center has long been a leader in cancer care in our region," she notes. "The establishment of the Northwest Cancer Centers Foundation is a natural extension of our dedication to improving the lives of those affected by cancer."

The Foundation's initial startup has found success working with talented and compassionate youths in the area. Fundraisers such as those organized by Hanover Central Middle School have not only generated vital funds for the Foundation but also raised awareness about its mission and impact. The Foundation also contributed to the efforts of Munster High School Juniors Suvali Giridaran, Asha Patel, and Diya Patel who are working to raise awareness and support cancer research in a fundraising effort for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Through grassroots efforts and community partnerships, the Foundation hopes to expand its reach, ensuring that no patient faces the journey of cancer treatment alone.

At the heart of the Northwest Cancer Centers Foundation lies a simple yet powerful belief: that in moments of darkness, there is light to be found in the compassion and generosity of others. As board member Kristy Victor affirms, “Patients and families in need can simply call 219-515-6625 to start the process of receiving assistance” —a testament to the accessibility and compassion that define its approach.

Through its unwavering commitment to serving patients and families with compassion and dignity, the Foundation embodies the spirit of resilience and solidarity that defines this region.

For more information, to make a donation, or get in contact with a Foundation advocate, please visit Northwest Cancer Centers Foundation (

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