Insurance Info



Please check in at Registration prior to your appointment and bring your insurance cards with you for billing purposes. This will help to reduce problems in the billing process. Your insurance carrier may cover some or all of the charges for the medical services you receive. You may receive multiple statements when certain procedures are performed. For example, a lab test that is performed or evaluated at an outside facility may result in a statement from the Clinic and an additional statement from the outside facility. Should you have questions regarding a non-Northwest Cancer Centers bill, please contact that facility directly.

Insurance Processing


The Clinic will prepare and file claims to your insurance company as a courtesy; however, this should not be viewed as relieving you of your obligation to pay the entire fee. To ensure timely processing of insurance claims, it is important that the Clinic has accurate information. It is your responsibility to provide this information and keep it updated. Please notify our office of any changes in your name, address, phone number or insurance information.

Managed Care Insurance Plans


(PPO, HMO, or Point of Service plans)
The Clinic contracts with a number of managed care plans. If you are covered by one of these insurance plans, please remember that you must select a Primary Care Physician and may need a referral from that physician to receive coverage for specialty physician services. We encourage you to become familiar with your insurance benefits and rules. We recommend you contact your insurance carrier to verify the Clinic is listed with them as a participating provider.



The Clinic accepts Medicare assignment. A claim will be filed to Medicare and your secondary insurance.

Third Party Liability


As required per Medicare/Medicaid regulations, any medical expenses incurred as a result of a motor vehicle accident or personal liability will be billed by the Clinic to the Third Party Liability carrier. If you are covered by any other insurance company, we will file these claims to your health insurance, instead of the Third party Liability carrier.

Payments for Services


A billing statement is sent to you monthly. Balances shown on the statement are due upon receipt. If you cannot make payment in full, please contact our office at (219) 924-8178 to make payment arrangements.

If you have not provided verification of valid insurance coverage you will be expected to pay for the medical services you received on the same day they are provided.


Northwest Cancer Centers collects co-payments at the time of service, as well as any other outstanding balances. Exceptions will be made only in the event of an emergency. You are responsible for the payment of any balance not paid by your insurance company, including co-insurance, deductibles and any amount in excess of your insurance company’s usual and customary limitations. Your insurance company will be allowed a reasonable period of time for payment of services. If payment is not received timely from your insurance company, you are responsible for payment in full. Accounts not paid in a timely manner may be referred to a collection agency.


Payments can be made by cash, personal check or credit cards. There is a charge for any returned check.