We're here to care

Please find below our contact details and department direct numbers. You call any of our clinics below and we will be happy to assist you.

Department Direct Numbers:

Billing: 219-515-6608

Nurses: 219-515-6609

Prescription Refills and Paperwork Requests: 219-515-6610

Lab: 219-515-6611

Oral Chemotherapy Refills: 219-515-6612

Extension Numbers:

Dial the extension below to speak with your nurse directly:

Amanda: 207

Dana: 208

Michele: 209

Carolyn: 210

Dawn: 211

Chelsea: 212

Kim: 215

Jamie: 306

To speak to your your physician, dial the extension below:

Dr. Kassar/Melissa Krzus, NP: 222

Dr. Shah/Maria Marrero, NP: 227

Dr. Ramadas/Dorothy Dewitt, NP:

Dr. Sameer Sharma/Amanda Nakashian, DNP: 232

Dr. Michael Tallarico/Dorothy Dewitt, NP: 228

Dr. Shruti Singh: 220

Dr. Amer Sidani/Erica Deenihan DNP: 307